Need 1/2-14 Compressor Tank Repair Bung (Preferably O/S Threaded)

6 months 4 days ago #3771 by CarbDoc
I have a vertical air compressor in daily use in my business which has had a thread failure at the at the top of the tank where the tank's intake check valve installs.  Both the 1/2"-14 female threads in the tank bung AND the male threads on the check vale are stripped.

I have a new check valve on order, but I need some sort of repair fitting for the tank bung that does not require welding.  Does anyone make an oversize "bung repair" fitting for that thread size?  Perhaps something with a male 9/16"- 5/8" OD thread size and a a 1/2"-14 ID thread?  I can cut threads in the tank (and I believe that I have the needed reinforced area to do so), but I cant weld and I don't want to move the tank out of the tiny wooden building that it is in to have it welded.
Any other suggestions . . ?


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4 months 1 week ago #3776 by MTR-Admin
Thanks for the post!

I would re-tap the fitting. Find the correct size tap and run it through the fitting, then thread the new check valve in. Use Teflon tape and pipe dope on the new check valve when reinstalling as well.
However, I would also be a little concerned about cutting over-sized threads into the existing bung. I don’t know how much “meat” you can cut out of it safely, so that's something to think about it.


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