Air line lubricator not using any oil

1 year 5 months ago #3560 by steveonmars
Air line lubricator not using any oil was created by steveonmars
I have a Milton Air Filter, Regulator, and Lubricator System Air Filter, (EX45FRL40A-02P). The lubricator, (EX45L-02P), isn't using any oil at all. When I first bought it about a year ago it was using too much oil so I turned the dial down so it wasn't using as much oil. It isn't using any oil at all now. I've tried adjusting the dial and nothing happens. I've taken the bowl off and air is going through the hose and filter that goes into the bowl. I can't find anything plugged up. This is hooked to the air line going into a small punch press which is getting plenty of air and working fine, it's just not getting any oil. Does anyone know what might be plugged up or what might need to be adjusted?


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