Compressor Motor High vs. Low

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Compressor Motor High vs. Low was created by Sam454
So I am designing a small compressor for one of my out buildings. I have some Misc parts, and I picket up a pump head runs a 1050 RPM and put out 17.3 CFM.
Now my question is what advantages are there (if any) to using a higher or lower RPM motor?
KEEP IN MIND the pump will be running at 1050 RPM regardless using appropriate sized pulleys.
So the specs are:
Pump 14.5 inch pully
Option 1: 5 HP 3450 RPM x 4.5 inch pulley = around 1070 RPM
Option 2: 5 HP 1745 RPM x 8.75 inch pulley = around 1053 RPM

Things in my mind are:
The smaller pulley will demand a higher torque, and draw more surge current on startup. The higher speend motor will be louder.
The lower speed motor may not have as high starting torque?
Anyway, I'm leaning toward the slower motor.
Any thoughts?

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