Karcher k5.55 won’t start with lance fitted.

4 years 1 month ago #2538 by Chill75
I have a karcher k5.55 it has a fault were it won’t start the motor with any of my Lances fitted. It needs a higher level of flow to start the motor, that you get with the lace removed. I can still use it if I quickly fire up the motor and then stop it and put the lace on and start up again. Sometimes though this is not enough and I have to disconnect hose pipe and reconnect with trigger engaged and then it kicks in. It will stay on for as long as I have trigger engaged, but often will have to repeat process to restart. I don’t have any problem with pulsating which is a common problem. I would appreciate any advice and recommendations for spare parts.

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4 years 1 month ago #2551 by MTR-Admin
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Thanks for the post Chill75,

A lack of high pressure can cause the motor to surge or continue to run as it is trying to build pressure and can be caused by: 1) Not enough water coming into the unit from the garden hose. I would check that the water is turned on all the way and that there are no kinks in the hose. 2) The inlet filter is clogged (follow the owner's manual to clean this filter). 3) Debris in the trigger gun nozzle or elsewhere in the pump (always use the filter at the water inlet). 4) A water leak, such as water coming out of the case, or an internal water leak. Defective lance , gun or tips can also cause the issues you're experiencing.

Surging or cycling is repairable. Electric machines (ideally) should be taken to a service center. You can find one by using the Karcher service center locator at:


Once you're at the Support page, click on the "Where to buy" option. Next click on "Home & Garden" Category. You will notice an option for service has now appeared. Select the style of machine (Electric, or Gas). Next type in your postal zip code and click on search. The map will appear below. To expand your results zoom out on the map.

If there is no service center option in your area, you can call the help line at 800-537-4129 and following the prompts for either warranty of electric pressure washers or warranty of the accessories to get an agent on the phone who will either find a service center for you.

If you choose to seek your own repairs out of warranty, You can contact one of these dealers/distributors for parts, repair advice, diagrams, and assistance:

RJ Bowers:
web: www.RJBowers.com
phone: 800-383-6584

Pressure Parts:
web: www.PressureParts.com
phone: 800-999-2245

Dixie Sales:
web: www.OrderTree.com
phone: 877-500-7499

I hope this helps!


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1 year 6 months ago #3511 by WandatbcvPullman
Replied by WandatbcvPullman on topic Karcher k5.55 won’t start with lance fitted.
Thanks! I hope this helps me. This is one of the best ways/

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