Karcher gets new hose, etc. Woe is it!

4 years 11 months ago - 4 years 11 months ago #2247 by halmc
Bought my Karacher 1250 Mobile in '1993, has served me very well. It is 110VAC plug in electric unit.

Over the years the hose and associated trigger and nozzle wore down, made the unit essentially unusable.

Although I did replace it with a fine unit from the People's Republic, I could not bear to consign it to the land fill.

So I treated it to a new hose, pistol affair, and a small assortment of nozzles from Home Depot, and expected to use it only at my lake house.

Everything hooks up well, but that is where the fun ends. When I turn it on, and hit the trigger, this is how it behaves when I pull the trigger and keep it pulled. $$$$$$$$$$**********$$$$$$$$$$**********$$$$$$$$$$**********

Where $$$$$$$$$$ represents very low pressure with skimpy spray as if I hadn't pulled the trigger; and where

********** repreents completely normal and powerful spray.

each interval reprents about three seconds of time. That is three seconds skimpy, three seconds normal, etc.

Rarely, and particularly immediately after I turn it on, it behaves normally so long as I pull, but then don't release the trigger. If I release the trigger, and then pull the trigger again,it does the on again, off again behavior as diagramed above.

NOTE! That describes its operation with the "turbo nozzle" with any of the other nozels, it will never reach normal operation. It just lays out that annoying skimpy spray.

I suspect that the bypass valve 'sees' either too much back pressure, or not enough, but that's a wild guess.

Any comments, libel, taunts etc gratefully accepted!

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4 years 11 months ago #2250 by MTR-Admin
Replied by MTR-Admin on topic Karcher gets new hose, etc. Woe is it!
Thanks for the post Halmc,

It sounds like a pump or regulator issue. The only way to diagnose the issue would be to disassemble the pump and regulator and check for defects, damage or wear.

Most of the parts in this unit look to be plastic and over time can wear and cause issues. It looks like most repair parts are available but if you are not familiar with this kind of procedure it can be daunting.

It looks like a parts kit with most of the wear parts is available but is over $100.00 so I would weigh that against the value of the unit and the cost of replacing it before undertaking any repairs.


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