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just yesterday my jet wash started to make a horrible noise after years of use i shut it down it immediately. over the weekend i did some google searching on how to repair it after some time i found a video showing how to dismantle and inspect it the video was of a similar model to mine not exact on inspection that didn't take me long i found the 3 piston compression springs had broken into pieces i inspected the motor this was fine no issues after more google searching i managed to find some replacement springs (not the original springs for my jet wash ) but the same size as the broken ones outside 22mm dia wire thickness 2mm and resting length 41mm i have nothing to loose just doing it as a project it might help others in the long run if anyone asks ill video the install of the springs.

my question is the type or make of the packing grease\oil for the piston head it is a sealed unit when manufactured i cannot for the life of me find any info on google search for this its a light grey color quite thick not like oil more like grease ill put some photos up if it helps the color may be due to age without the info is there any one that can point me in the right direction even a substitute type i have saved as much of the old grease \ oil i could put that back i didn't loose much when i removed the top but new is always recommended ps great site this wish i had found it sooner thanks in advance for any help

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