Rebuild Honda GCV190 engine while stuck on TroyBilt Pressure Washer Model 020641

3 years 1 month ago #3173 by Toolydave
My Pressure Washer needs the Intake Valve unstuck (possibly replaced) as this Valve is stuck in the inward position. I can't pull the Valve out to its correct position, so I need to push the Valve out (or replace the Valve) from the piston side. I have successfully removed the 3 Bolts which attach the engine to the water pump. However, I am unable to separate the engine crankshaft from the water pump driveshaft on this unit--the 2 are badly rusted/seized. I understand that much "wiggling" may be required to separate, but I have tried this to no avail.

Viewing several videos on YouTube (including one by Tom Lang subject GCV160 Valve Replacement) it seems that as long as I can remove 4 bolts on the underside of the engine I should be able to perform the remainder of the Valve Repair/Rebuild with the bottom half of the engine still attached through the "Deck" to the Water Pump. I believe I can access these 4 bottomside bolts by moving the engine/WaterPump around relative to the Deck. Of course there are another 4 bolts that I will need to remove from the top side of the engine/Deck.

Does anybody see any problem with this approach? Please advise, all inputs are appreciated.

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3 years 1 month ago #3175 by MTR-Admin
That may be possible. I would not invest too much money in the pump. If water worked it's way past the seals into the body of the pump where there should be only oil, then you would just be better off to buy a new pump.
Unfortunately, manufacturers are making it harder and harder to repair items due to the price that they put on the repair parts.

Good luck Dave.

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3 years 1 month ago #3176 by Toolydave
Thanks for the input MTR-Admin. I am quite sure this Engine is going to need a carburetor ( it was exposed to a lot of rain during past September Hurricane Florence) so having to buy a pump too would make it "cost unreasonable" to get it fully working (in which case I will sell just the engine). thanks again, I will post updates as I make progress.

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