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I have a Simpson PW 3100 2.5 gallon with a Honda motor. I was told by Simpson the pump is made by F&A. My question regards the unloader valve. Last year it had very very little pressure and at the time I did not know and messed with the nut on the end trying to get it out and think maybe it affected the pressure. However, I moved the internal pin and it was freely moving and clean and it worked. This year same problem again but now I removed it properly by pulling the if U shaped pin out and again moved the part inside which was moving freely....reinserted and it work great! When the PW ran out of gas it went back to the no pressure when restarted. I removed the unloader again but this time no luck, no real pressure. Is it possible the unloader valve is causing all this from when I initially messed with the nut on the end? I see a genuine replacement is just !9.99 but hate to spend that even if this sounds like another issue?

Also, just out of curiosity there is a brass piece directly under the unloader valve you can see in the picture with the clear tube over it. Since it was brand new water shoots out on a continual basis to a significant amount. Because the part seems pretty stable I just put a hose over it and the water diverts down to the ground rather than straight up in the air. Any ideas on that issue?

I appreciate any help especially on the unloader question as it works fine with the issue it has its just a lot of water coming out.

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Sounds like 2 problems. The soap injector valve is bad and instead of causing suction is pumping out water. Also, the unloader is the most frequent problem for low pressure in pressure washers.

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