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Ryobi TSS100L: Hi,
I was given a Ryobi TSS100L sliding compound 10" miter saw. I am having an issue. The motor was taken apart when the saw was given to me. The issue I am having wiring the saw field to the switch. I have bought a new switch. The schematic for the TSS100L does not have the same wire colors as depicted in the repair schematic. There are four wires - two large and two small coming from the field. All of the wires are black. No yellow, brown, or white leads. Is there someone there who can perhaps point me in the right direction into getting this saw up? From a wiring standpoint, the schematic for the TSS101L resembles what I have, but again the schematic has color coded wires. Is the motor to be wired as Series, Shunt, or Compound?

Or is there any soul out there that has this saw that would take off the top handle and take a picture of the wiring?

I would greatly appreciate any help anyone can give.

Thank you

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8 years 5 months ago #1069 by MTR-Admin
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In this case, I would honestly contact the manufacturer directly. You can try Ryobi at 1.800.525.2579 or their parent company, Gardner Inc. at 800.848.8946.

It's best to speak to an authorized service rep in this case, being the field wires are not color coded. It can obviously destroy the tool if it's not wired correctly.


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6 years 11 months ago #2005 by dad2grl
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I have a saw like this that I am having problems with. I think I can give the information you need. My saw has 4 black wires on the switch. If you still have the saw and need further information, please reply and I will help as much as I can. We may need to correspond by email. I need some information about the connections on the field if you could help me with this.

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