Bosch orbital Sander

1 year 11 months ago #3503 by Jpmch
Bosch orbital Sander was created by Jpmch
Hello there, new to forum and power tool repair in general too.

Was sanding with a bosch gex orbital sander and managed to completely fill the filter that attaches, motor revved a bit and then stopped working. Realized i had totally jammed up the filter and likely overheated the motor a bit. I cleaned it out and it ran for a few seconds then would slowly power down. I took the whole thing apart, don't see any melting or burn on the armature, the brushes seem a little chipped but not bad, there's still power getting to the motor as when i give it a solid tap with the cover off you can see it starting to spin a little. Is this a brush issue? new armature. any suggestions really appreciated, I've got a whole kitchen to finish and really don't want to fork out for a new sander.

Thanks for your time.

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1 year 4 months ago #3577 by mehmetkol
Replied by mehmetkol on topic Bosch orbital Sander
I don ' t understand why this product has broken down so much. It was something that happened to me today as well. Is there anyone here who can give information about the source of the problem? I am also looking forward to it.

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