F33PT Bostitch Framing Nailer Will not tow nail

6 years 1 month ago #2283 by Cord
I have the black trigger.

Status update: Here in Wisconsin it's gotten rather cold. Was using the gun yesterday and the high temp was 4 degrees. At first the gun refused to cycle when sequentially triggered or bump fired. In fact, bump firing by slamming the nose down hard only resulted in a lazy fire that drove a 3" nail only 2" into the face of a 2x4. I tried gently heating the piston and trigger area metal with a torch and the gun started cycling normally. In fact, it would now fire sequentially and felt very responsive. Could it be the problem is temperature related and it simply wasn't cold enough to cause the gun to totally malfunction? Gun is oiled before daily use using a low temperature air tool oil.

Sadly I didn't figure this out until after I spent 2 hours hand nailing hangers into a oak timber. Shoulder is very sore today!

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6 years 1 month ago #2284 by MTR-Admin
Replied by MTR-Admin on topic F33PT Bostitch Framing Nailer Will not tow nail

Yes, extreme cold may be affecting tool cycling, and if the valve is not opened completely it can be sluggish. Warming the tool for just a few minutes even near your car heater can help a lot, and it will often be OK for the rest of the day. Just like cars, extreme cold can cause some difficulty with startup. When warming, concentrate on the head cap assembly. It is likely the head valve that is stiff from cold.

However, of far more concern to my Bostitch rep is that you are using the incorrect trigger, and it can be dangerous. A Grey trigger comes with the tool and this is the “true” sequential trigger, and it is the only trigger that should be used with the Metal Connector Trip. This trigger will never allow a Double cycle which can be a problem on metal connectors. And, erroneous cycle can cause a nail to deflect off of the metal connector.
The black trigger is for high speed bump fire mode and should only be used for standard framing applications.

Also, when using the Gray trigger you may find it cycles in the cold better with the metal connector application because it more fully opens the trigger valve which sends the “fire” signal to the rest of the tool.

Good luck!


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