Newbie and 10 yr old son have a question

2 months 1 week ago #3216 by smhoff2019

Hey Everyone, I just joined. My 10 yr old kid doesn't like video games but he does like working with tools. Everyone tells me I'm lucky. He has about 15 old lawn mowers, and he's also working on weed wackers, rototillers, and two outboards. Sometimes he makes mistakes that you wouldn't expect. Like today, he got the direction of our drill chuck wrong. He was putting in a drill bit and trying to tighten it in, but he turned the chuck the wrong way and now it's stuck open. All the way open. And he must have turned it pretty hard in the wrong direction. I can't get it unstuck. Can't get the chuck to move and tighten again. It's a Craftsman 3/8" variable speed corded drill, Model 315.101070. The chuck jaws are down and in because the chuck is fully open. Removing the chuck requires (this is what the manual says) the chuck to be fully tightened (then you use a 5/16 or larger hex). I don't have a big enough hex to work with the chuck fully open like it is now. Does anyone have any bright ideas? Thanks a million in advance.

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2 months 6 days ago #3218 by MTR-Admin

In the very center of the shaft most of the time there is a hex screw that is left handed threads. See if that has started to unscrew keeping the jaws from closing.

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1 month 4 weeks ago #3238 by smhoff2019

Epilogue: the 2nd time I took out the channel locks and adjustable wrench, with a couple of handy friends over, we were able to gently torque it without breaking anything or roughing up the plastic/rubber of the chuck too bad. Happy ending. I really didn't think that torquing it would do it. I'll squirt some WD-40 in there and assume it won't happen again. Thanks again.

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