Industrial Air Compressor MODEL: IL3106016, need some guidance

1 year 8 months ago #3473 by US.Fabricator
hello all, 
New to this forum and I can see it already is a great place to seek info. 
I have an Industrial Air Compressor MODEL: IL3106016 I picked up about 6-7 years ago and haven't really used it much until recently. 
Now that I have to do some maintenance I have a few questions concerning the intake felt filter.  I want to replace the felt filter but as I look at the manual parts list, I'm seeing there's what appears to be an upgrade kit type deal where it replaces the rectangular felt with two can type style filters. I'm curious because to replace the felt filter I have to take off the head cover. I'm providing the MFG manual and the manual I was looking at on "master tool repair" site.   

To just replace the filter I want to remove the bolts , replace the filter and re-install the head plate and torque the bolts. If there's and upgrade kit then I would option in for the upgrade and just replace the media inside instead of removing the head plate every time i want to change out the felt filter. 
what do you guys think ?
I would hate have to replace the whole head plate and gaskets every time unless the bolts and gaskets can be reused 


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