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10 months 2 weeks ago #2595 by bcandregg

Tech help

Hi, my older Craftsman' 919' air compressor has a bad regulator, it has 2 gauges attached to the regulator body. In reading the info for the replacement regulator it says its only made for 1 gauge. Is is still possible to use it with 1 gauge? And would that be controlling just the pressure to the hose (max 125 lb). Thanks for your help-


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10 months 1 week ago #2598 by MTR-Admin

Thanks for the post!

The OEM AC-0007 regulator is still available, but it is $92 + shipping.

Our REG0250M is a much cheaper option but you're right, you can only install one gauge (the regulated pressure gauge).

What you would do is simply plug the other port in our regulator (it's actually plugged anyway), and relocate the TANK pressure gauge. We recommend T'ing it off of the pressure switch manifold, where your safety relief valve is threaded in. Simply install a T-fitting there and install the tank pressure gauge in one inlet, and the safety relief valve in the other inlet.

If replacing the OEM AC-0007 Regulator with the Generic REG0250M Regulator, some conversion is required as the REG0250M only accepts one pressure Gauge (regulated).

Here are the extra parts needed:

REG0250M (Regulator - includes 1/8" plug)
1/4X2.5BLACK WELDED (1/4" Pipe Nipple)
007-50222 (1/4" FPT "T" Connector)
3155 (Reducer) 1/8" to 1/4"


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