I have a kobalt k7520vo devillbiss head

7 months 1 week ago #2463 by selway

It is a 2 stage 7 1/2 horse has a v shaped tube on the back with a relief valve that keeps ' blowing at a 100 pounds but the compressor go' s to 175 but never gets there because it lets the air out at a 100 pounds .
I replaced the valve and still it blows at a 100 pounds need help thanks

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5 months 3 weeks ago #2555 by MTR-Admin

Thanks for the post selway, and sorry for the delay in this reply. I'm not sure if you've figured out the problem by this time, but here you go:

It sounds like the tube in question is the intercooler tube, which attaches the low and high pressure cylinders, and the valve in question is the intercooler safety valve. This will usually blow off if it senses too much pressure in one of the cylinders, and usually the low pressure cylinder. This is a fail safe so your valves aren't damaged.

It sounds like you have blown gaskets and possibly damaged valves in the pump head...too much pressure is sensed in the low pressure head, so the safety valve is blowing off. I would remove the heads and take a look at the gaskets and valves as that should be where the source of the problem is.


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