Rolair JC10 Problems

4 years 9 months ago #2454 by Trapndad
Rolair JC10 Problems was created by Trapndad
Hey gang, I'm new here and have some problems with a Rolair JC10. I just got this, it was from a hospital and never used and has automatic water removal for tank and inline hooked up.

Here's the issue.

It seems to fill slowly, then at approx. 90 psi the motor begins to labor. The motor also gets enough for the thermal overload to kick on.

Any thoughts?

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4 years 7 months ago #2557 by MTR-Admin
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Thanks for the post Trapndad,

The problem could certainly be one of the motor capacitors, most likely the start capacitor. I would take both capacitors to an electrician or electric supply company and have them test them. If one of the capacitors fails, that's obviously the problem.

Another reason this can happen is if there is any obstruction in the air line and check valve. I would confirm the in-tank check valve doesn't have any debris inside that would cause an obstruction to air flow. As long as the pump spins freely and pistons move freely, the issue is either an obstruction of airflow or electrical.


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1 year 9 months ago #3548 by Kirk
Replied by Kirk on topic Rolair JC10 Problems
The two main reasons for an overly hot compressor are; running over the duty cycle or operating the compressor in a warm climate with poor ventilation. Exposed elements on the compressor will always become hot, simply because air heats as it is compressed. Most compressors will automatically shut down when they reach a temperature threshold. Ensure you are always within the duty cycle and avoid using the compressor in direct sunlight or in a small space that lacks adequate airflow. I still had the same problem, and I turned to the specialists at . They repaired my device and explained what I have to do; when, in different situations, the same problems will appear, and I will fix it myself.

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