craftsman only pumping 60#

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I have a sears 919-165090 that wouldn't pump over 40# so I took and installed piston sleeve and piston ring. The ring was terribly on one side. Now it pumps up to 60#. Could I have a valve plate problem? I did have problem getting the piston ring into the sleeve. I had the rod assembly installed at the bottom of it's stroke and put the sleeve in the block until it contacted the ring then I had use a short 2x4 and a hammer to install the sleeve all the way down to the block which was like a 1/4". Don't think I hurt the ring, it is a tight fit. I have never seen a piston that would work up and down and sideways and all that in my life.
Which way is the ring supposed to be cupped. I had it dished down, maybe it should be dished etc?

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Most likely you'll need to replace the Valve Plate, as the Reed Valves are apart of the Valve Plate Assembly. I say this assuming that the Piston Ring was installed correctly, of course. The "cup" on the Piston Ring is supposed to face up towards the Valve Plate/Head so if it's pointing downwards then I would take it apart so that the piston ring cup faces upwards.

As long as you have no major leaks anywhere on the compressor, the only two problems that typically cause this would be the piston ring and cylinder is worn/damaged or the valves are rusty, cracked or are sticking to the valve plate and not opening and closing like it should.

Hopefully this helps, just make sure the Piston Ring doesn't have any nicks, tears or folds in it. They're made out of pretty pliable material so this honestly should be too much of an issue.

Thanks for the inquiry!

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