California Air 15020C Piston Pressure Plate Screw Issue

5 months 2 weeks ago #3690 by andaval
I bought a kit to replace worn out parts on this compressor but have not been successful in removing the Piston Pressure Plate Screw. The screw won't turn. My high torque electric screw driver has not been strong enough. I have used WD40 and let both bolts soak for days to no avail.
Does anybody have a better idea for removing these bolts? Is it possible that they are seized from overheating and I may need to replace the pistons?

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5 months 2 weeks ago #3694 by gfulton
Do you have an acetylene torch?  Buy one of these:
Or something similar.  They're easy to find. Take your acetylene torch with the smallest tip it's got and make the smallest balanced flame you can. (Least amount of illumination and blue. Balanced.)  Heat the head of the screw red hot, don't melt it. Let it cool a bit.  Put coarse valve grinding compound on the tip of the screwdriver bit that fits on the hammer operated impact driver.  Engage the bit solidly in the screw and hit the impact driver with an approx. 12 oz. ball peen hammer.  The screw will come out.  This method had never failed me.  If you use a propane torch, if there's any plastic in the surrounding area, you'll likely ruin the part.  Had to be concentrated heat right at the screw head until it's red and then let off.
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5 months 1 week ago #3697 by PS
Sorry I have been trying to post a new topic on CAT8010DSPC, but unable to start a new topic so I am posting here.

I am having trouble with air leaking from the middle "condensate" valve.

It is connected on the left to the drain valve and to the right to the clear water trap.

If I change the water trap should that solve the air leaking? Is this the part I need: PW1005 Water Trap

Thank you!!!

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