California Air 15020C piston problem

7 months 1 week ago #3665 by mdstice
California Air 15020C piston problem was created by mdstice
I have a California Air 15020C (220) air compressor and the pressure plate screw for the front piston came undone. You can imagine, it did some damage to the cylinder. The screw completely stripped out the threading inside the piston. My question is:

Should I attempt to replace the piston, pressure plate and screw, and cylinder or would it be more economical to get an entire new front portion of the motor? I apologize, I don't know exactly what to call the first part of the compressor motor. I believe it's the low pressure section. I am outside my comfort zone and have only the owners manual to be able to describe the individual parts within the compressor motor. You can see from the pictures the parts in question and the location of the motor I am speaking of.

Do you sell pre-assembled compressor motors?

Thanks for your time!

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