Electric to Gas Conversion - Rolair 9 gal Wheelbarrow style/Honda GX200

2 years 8 months ago #3584 by Cvargas
Hi there,
I've got a Rolair 9 gallon wheelbarrow style air compressor. Currently has an electric motor on it and I'd like to outfit it with my Honda GX200 gas motor. I understand I'll need to install a bullwhip type throttle control as a part of this (watched the relevant YouTube video). What else will I need? The electric motor and pump info is below. I'd like for the pump/system to charge to 140psi. If I can't get 140, 125 will suffice. The pump currently has an 11" pulley/flywheel on it and the electric motor has a 6" dia pulley. Curious if I'll need to re-pulley the gas motor as well (as in not re-use the existing pulley on the electric motor) and if so, what diameter so as to not exceed the max rpm's for the pump. 

Pump: Shinook PM12MK103 6.5-8.1 CFM - @ 90 psi
Electric Motor: Marathon Electric - MTRD103 2 HP

Appreciate all the help in advance! 

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