California Air Tools 10020C Check Valve issue

1 year 8 months ago #3550 by marieth1
I was using an impact driver a couple days ago and the 3/4 nut on the Check Valve blew apart. I mean that literally. Half of the nut was a few feet away, the plug was a little farther away, and the spring was on the other side of my garage. This seems like either the Safety Valve or the Pressure Switch failed allowing the unit to build up enough pressure to have this outcome.

I will order a new Check Valve. What other part or parts should I order to make sure this doesn't happen again? Safety Valve, Pressure Switch, or a different part?

I have a 3 year extended warranty through Allstate / SquareTrade. It looks like I pay for it and they reimburse menbut I'm not sure.    

Thank you!

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