pressure switch for 5 HP motor

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pressure switch for 5 HP motor was created by Guillermo
Hello everyone,

I work at a shop where we are putting together a compressor for sandblasting. We have an Eaton single stage air pump (18 cfm @ 90 psi) and a Leeson 5HP motor to spin it (1750 rpm, 220 V single phase). This motor draws up to 21 amps, and I am looking for an appropriately rated pressure switch. I've looked at the switches available on the MasterToolRepair site, and most of them declare that they are appropriate for 110/220 V applications, but very few of them list the amperage they can handle.

Can anyone recommend a pressure switch with a 25 amp rating at 220 V? Since the air pump is a single stage, we'd like it to switch off at about 100 psi.


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