Air compressor recommendations

7 months 1 week ago #3465 by moises21
Air compressor recommendations was created by moises21
I'm looking for info around air compressors, for airing up after leaving the trail. I have a cheap one that plugs into the cigarette lighter but takes quite a while. Is there a brand Jeep owners prefer? I have also read about onboard compressors and am curious how exactly those work.

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5 months 4 weeks ago #3480 by Sam454
Replied by Sam454 on topic Air compressor recommendations
When considering the unit you must first consider your usage. If you are just toppping off proper pressure occasionally, you
should certainly stick with an electric model. For a support vehicle of
frequent/large volume use you should consider an engine mounted pump.

Your electric pump is slow because you bought a cheap one. A quality model
with a higher CFM hooked directly to your battery may get you what you
need. Spend $100-$200, and you wont be disappointed.

I dont know what kind of jeep you have, but most are capable of supporting an engine
mounted air compressor. Alot of people will tell you it will cost alot
but it DOESNT have to. these can be found in abundance at the bone yard,
and many are not terribly expensive new. However, it takes ALOT of
planning, and it IS a pain to get them installed if your vehicle wasnt
equiped from the factory. Expect to spend $400-$1000. Depending, maybe
more if you buy expensive equipment and have someone else install it...

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4 months 2 days ago #3505 by mnturer
Replied by mnturer on topic Air compressor recommendations
As a jeep owner, I'll suggest you check this review here first before choosing anyone. Because there has a lot of compressors out there like PORTER, Craftsman, Makita, BOSTITCH etc.  So it's important to know enough about them. Personally, I prefer the BOSTITCH Air Compressor.

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