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10 months 4 days ago #3366 by donovansn585

Hi everyone, I recently purchased a world aire 10hp 120 gallon 2 stage compressor, when I looked at the compressor it would only buzz when turned on so having fixed a few of these issue I knew it was a capacitor issue. I got the compressor home changed out all 4 capacitors and was in business (or so I thought). Upon startup the compressor is drawing far too many amps. The compressor has a Baldor motor that is rated at 39 running amps, during normal running it’s is drawing between 45 and 50 amps during start up it is drawing between 320 and 370 amps depending on cut in pressure. My shop currently has a15 kva transformer on the pole with a 1/0 drop 75 feet to the building, from the breaker panel I have 60 ft of 6 awg wire and a 60 amp breaker. I have checked the unloader valve and it works perfect. I have spoken to a couple motor shops and they think it’s a voltage issue and when I speak to the power company they think it’s a motor issue. Do any of you know if anything internally in that motor can cause it to draw way too many amps on start up PLEASE HELP!!!

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10 months 1 day ago #3369 by harleydude

Does your motor have both a run and start capacitor?
If so, have you tested both?
Also, have you inspected the starter switch on the end of the motor to be sure that one of the springs on the centrifugal switch has not broken?

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