Snap-On air compressor

9 months 1 week ago #3255 by Plidian

Hello all,
A month or so ago I inherited an old air compressor. It says SNAP-ON on it but my searching of the internet indicates that it is most likely made by siegers. If the nameplate on the tank is to be believed it was made in 1982.
The motor says 2HP on it and requires 230V.
I can't figure out who makes the pump but the motor is a Century Motor.
It has been an unfortunate journey which has involved replacing;
The power cable
The filter element
The pump oil
the drain plug
the manifold/valve which was shockingly made of plastic
and the check valve.
The biggest challenge has been that this unit has no model number or serial number so all the online websites designed to help you rely on a model number and I'm out of luck.
Enough backstory. I came to this forum because my transfer tube is leaking and lacking the means to make a new one I really liked the idea of switching to a flexible hose for transferring from the pump to the tank.
Here's the problem. The outlet from the pump and the inlet into the tank are both 3/8" NPT.
So having read the instructions on how to measure what's necessary and order the right piece, I'm a bit stuck.
When the check valve broke I had a seriously difficult time finding one that was 3/8 for the part that goes INTO the tank so I think I'm really stuck using that particular check valve. Is there a different way to adapt the 1/2" Compression end to something to which one of the hoses can connect?

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9 months 1 week ago #3257 by MTR-Admin

You have a unit made by Campbell Hausfeld.
I'll ask Campbell which unit this is.
That tag is the tank mfgr, not the model number.

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