Frankenpressor.... I need help...

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Hello Gang,

My first post here, and glad I found this place. I'm an experienced home DIY'er and shade tree mechanic. For many years I wanted to get a compressor and air tools. However space and logistical considerations prevented this.

But recently an old compressor was given to me. It has an Emglo sticker on it, with the model and serial number scratched off. Hmm... I got it in New Jersey so it might have been stolen some time ago... LOL

Anyway, it runs and I think it's a good candidate for DIY rebuild. I'm new to compressors, but have several engine rebuilds under my belt. I'd like to tear down and rebuild the pump, as well as inspect the GE Tri-Clad motor (replace the capacitors) that came with the unit. I'm not sure if the Tri-Clad or the pump are original. From research I think the pump is a Quincy. I say this because I've found pictures of Quincy pumps that look very similar, especially on the top of the cylinder head. The tank appears to be in good shape, but I know that there could corrosion.

This is a slow DIY learn-as-you-go project. I don't mind if over time all three components are swapped out. It could be like the proverbial Yankee farmer's axe: The head has been replaced twice and the handle three times but it is still the same axe!

I guess my biggest question is what is the make and model of the pump? And is a rebuild kit available? I've been warned not to tear down the pump without first confirming there are replacement parts available. But if the pump is no longer supported I'll have to change it anyway. It is a two stage, but I don't know what horsepower it requires. This pump is so old that is uses an oil soaked piece of foam as an air filter. You can see it in the pictures attached. I'd rather have a pump with a screw on type.

The serial number plate on the Tri-Clad motor is banged and scratched up, and I'm trying to read the model number. My best guess is 5KC182AG336B, but that model # isn't found on any search engine I've used. I'm rubbing pencil lead into the plate, and trying to read the stamping with a magnifying glass. The motor is definitely 120/240V 20 Amp as per the plate, not three phase. I plan on running the motor on 240V 20 amp, using NEMA 6-20 plugs and receptacles. The current power cord is a 20 amp two wire, with no ground wire. I plan to change this, obviously.

So, any thoughts are appreciated. I'm trying hard to identify the pump. And any info on the Tri-Clad would be a great.


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