Can't remove Bostich TrimAir Pressure Switch.

2 weeks 1 day ago #3028 by Toolydave

Tank Pressure Switch SK-2512 is malfunctioning on my Bostich TrimAir CAP1512-OF compressor. I have been unable to unscrew this switch from the tank (assuming this is normal righthand thread). I feel like if I apply any more force to unscrew it using large visegrips or small pipe wrench, the plastic male-threaded portion of the chrome-plated plastic body on the switch will break. then I will have a bigger mess.

I chatted with "Paula" at Bostich helpline. Paula indicated that the switch is screwed into the tank using a sealant and "it will be hard to remove".

Anybody know any secret to removing this switch, perhaps by dissolving the sealant with acetone although this might dissolve the plastic threaded body) ??? thanks for any help.

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2 weeks 15 hours ago #3032 by skatingtoolman

Using a propane torch, heat up the threads around the area where it inserts into the tank. The sealant will soften, allowing you to remove it. First open the drain valve to release any air pressure.

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