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3 days 5 hours ago #2913 by Alex123

Hi Everyone - This is my first post as a member of this forum. I am in the market looking for a air compressor. I will be doing automotive work at home, so I need something that can run 1/2" impact gun (up to 1000 ft. lbs.), pneumatic ratchets, cut off tools, air chisel, etc.
Also important is noise level. I live in a town home and am sandwiched in between two units. I do have a garage, but would prefer something as quiet as possible. I have looked at California Air Tools and those compressors seem to be a little on the expensive end. I'm looking for ~30 gallon tank. Since the highest consumption tool I intend on running would be the 1/2 impact, I thought I would share the compressor, and air impact I had in mind. I'm not fully set on moving forward with these, hence this post. I would greatly appreciate feedback on THIS impact wrenchthis impact wrench , and THIS air compressorTHIS air compressor .

Finally, this is a little off topic, but I have to ask. I was watching a YouTube video, and this guy said that if you truly want to get all the power the air tool is intended for, you MUST use a air hose that is equivalent to the size. For example, 1/2" impact wrench requires a 1/2" ID hose. 1" impact wrench should use a 1" ID hose.... is this true?

Thanks in advance,

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2 days 9 hours ago #2914 by MTR-Admin

The first question is to find out the amount of cfm each tool requires to operate.
Secondly, would another person be using another tool at the same time? If so, add up the cfm of that tool as well. Once you have the total cfm of each tool added up, add 25% to that as a reserve.
Next, finding an air compressor that has that total cfm at a specific psi. This is very important. If a unit states that it produces 15cfm, you need to know 15cfm at what pressure. 15cfm at 5 psi won't do you much good.
Next you start shopping for units that fit your price range, space requirements and decibel level.

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