Count the number of words in a paragraph

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Word Counter is a free and online access to words and characters. It is a tool to count how many characters, letters, signs, words, sentences and paragraphs in a text. word counter can also count the number of characters and words in different languages and alphabets like French, English, Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and Hebrew.
With counting words or characters, you can easily and quickly find the number of words and letters in a text. This can be useful when you need to write a text that will have a character limit, or when writing a text with some words or special characters.
Counting the letters and characters in the text to meet the level is not a banned form of expression. This is a way to develop your talents shown in particular speaking. A long, expressive text with lots of words can be replaced by short, powerful words using synonyms and synonyms

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