husky hu5000

2 years 8 months ago #1305 by brianc

I have a husky hu5000 generator. It ran good for 3 years. Only used the first year for a power outage.
It has no spark, I tried different plug ad hold it to ground.
The plug gets wet, plenty of fuel. 4 years old on a 3 year warranty.
The on/off switch goes to a small black plastic cube 1x1". I tries removing bypassing it but that didn't work. This problem should be a simple fix but I don't know what to do at this point?

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2 years 8 months ago #1306 by MTR-Admin

Thanks for the post Brian,

Well since I do not know the condition of the unit I can only guess what the problem may be, honestly.

The on/off switch and the oil level switch (the small black plastic cube) stop the engine by grounding the ignition coil which will keep it from producing a spark. Check the oil level, if that is good then check the ignition wiring to see if it is grounded. If the ignition wiring is grounded then disconnect the wiring to the oil level switch and recheck to see if the wiring is still grounded, if it is then check the wiring to see where the ground is.

If there is no ground on the ignition wiring then the problem is with the coil assembly which has a pickup that senses a magnet mounted on the flywheel. You will have to remove the recoil starter and engine cover to get to the coil and flywheel. Once you have access to the flywheel check the condition of the coil and flywheel to see if anything is loose or if there is oil, dirt, debris or excess rust on the flywheel magnet or pickup on the coil.

There should be a slight air gap between the coil pickup and the flywheel, there is a specification for this gap. If all of this looks good then the coil is probably bad and needs to be replaced.

I hope this helps a little and at least gets you started down the right path.


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